Sunday, 29 April 2012

Me, Myself & Adam

And a couple new pictures of Jasmin! :3

Yesterday, I mean to update, actually, but I decided to go out with Adam for a while to take come photos.
This will be one of my last posts, if not my last, before I start spanning out all my NYC posts. I'll be departing in less than 4 days, and I'm so hyped up. I can't think about anything else lately ;u ;. I'll be making a pre-trip post, hopefully a post while I'm there, and, of course, one when I return. Lots of stuff when I return c:. I'll probably put it into two different parts, or three haha.

So anyway, I've been kind of busy on Photoshop, so I might as well get on with sharing c:

ALSO: I tried a new technique to curling my hair, and the more I try, the better I get at it, and the more effective it's becoming. i'll start my post off with photos from that, then my photo-day <3.

So I first tried 8 "rolls" then attempted 6 yesterday, and left them in with my hair a little drier, and a little longer (approx. 6-8 hours). There were significantly better, but a tiny bit frizzier. I'm going to work on growing my hair into the proper shape and morphing it into Bettie's hair. Slowly, but surely, I'll get there ;3.

I also trimmed my bangs jfkldgjdf

Click to Enlarge
Pardon the lack of proper eyebrows lol

Not quite all brushed out.

 Some of the curls were a tad wet when I took them out, so, as you can see some of them are more wavy than bouncy :c. Oh well, they did turn out pretty decent in the photos:

On that topic, some of the photos we got to taking. I'll starts off with the photographs then out bit photos. ;3

Thanks Adam for assistance :3

I have more, I'll just update this posts when I get them finished xo

And now some tid bits :3 again, Click to Enlarge...

Lookin' like an Owl c:

Adam just likes to keep his finger on the shutter haha
Now for some photos in the sake of updating. I did edit some more other ones and I also did some Twiggy style stuff for practise.

Last, but certainly not least, a couple shots of Jasmin.

Okay, so keep a look out for updates, new photos, and my upcoming NYC posts! Have a wonderful day/evening. xo Courtney.

ps: Some art :D I recently finished these for my sketchbooks in third period art. Enjoy xo.
(Click to Enlarge)

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