Sunday, 15 April 2012

Jasmin / Self Portraits

I had a shoot last weekend, and I'm still in the midst of editing all the ones I'd like out of it, but I'm going to share anyhow. When I get any new ones, I'll update them as extras in my next post. c:

So, anyroad, I had the absolutely wonderful chance to shoot with darling Jasmin, whom I have been trying to shoot with for the past while. She brought along two outfits and we worked with both of them, entirely clearing out my memory card in exception to 35 shots. An average full shoot, but it's been my first full shoot since fall, and my first full shoot with my new 50mm. :333 I'm one exuberant lady :D It's been a great refresher, and it definitely built me back up from my rather depressing rut :c and I also got back into the swing of this with some new self portraits! They're at the bottom after photos form my shoot. Enjoy xo

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And for some self portraits:

I recently found a shirt of my mothers (I mean, what fashion blogger in history of ever hasn't found the perfect shirt they picked out from their parent's closet?) which I've had for a while, but never had the jeans to go with it. I decided to try it with my jeans I got last fall, and I died. I've also been highly inspired by k-pop/k-fashion (Korean pop/fashion) as of late. Japanese fashion as well, but the entire style/fashion culture is just awesome. I'd love to be doing some sort of work in that area when I'm a bit older, actually. It'd be just dreamy!

- Outfit photos -
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So onward with more photos xo (oops, so many variations ^__^ I love variations ahfdkjgjfk)

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Self Portraits 

That's all for now. Take care dolls.

Courtney xo


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