Thursday, 9 February 2012

Photo Session Again

I spent the light portion of the evening with Adam taking photos, and we got some amazing shots. Really great stuff today, even though it was just a photo-walk. c:

I also scouted out some new locations to take some portraits, and I also feel some inspiration for future shoots coming along more and more. It'll be nice to be getting back into things, now that people aren't quite as busy or spastic as the stressful portion of the holidays seem to be over. :I

On with photos, I suppose xo

As usual:
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Under the Ocean 
Candles Like Moonlight



No Man's Nest


Some other little shots we captured c:

hurr durr
I'm sure that Adam really likes to take pictures with my camera, so I usually let him have a go with it c;.

Okay, time for bed. xo

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