Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy VDay xo

I hope you guys all enjoyed an evening/day with your loved ones, be it a friend, family members, or your partner. I just hope it was swell, and that you're enjoying some nice chocolate and/or sleep c:

Don't be down about Valentines Day, it's all about the candy, fun, and feelings. Just remember it doesn't mean anything, and it's nothing to get bitchy about. <3

And now with some self-portrait updates from the weekend xo (Also, a before and after image included at the bottom!)

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An extra photo to go with it of the flurry snow c:

Some lovey music xo

Friday, 10 February 2012

Letters to Oscar Wilde

woodstock by letters to Oscar Wilde
woodstock, a photo by letters to Oscar Wilde on Flickr.
A beautiful Illustration & Collage artist who combines floral prints and designs into vintage/modern photographs/drawings that gives a gorgeous, nostalgic and blissful feeling. Some seriously great pieces xo





Meet Me on the Equinox


Just a few of my favourite. View the rest of their flickr account, it's a very sensational collection



Thursday, 9 February 2012


Elvgren_31 by Jelly Roger
Elvgren_31, a photo by Jelly Roger on Flickr.

Just in love with Elvgren's work, but not as of recently, either. He's always been my favourite, among early Vargas work as well. It's a typical favourite, but he's a classic. It's hard not to love him.

Photo Session Again

I spent the light portion of the evening with Adam taking photos, and we got some amazing shots. Really great stuff today, even though it was just a photo-walk. c:

I also scouted out some new locations to take some portraits, and I also feel some inspiration for future shoots coming along more and more. It'll be nice to be getting back into things, now that people aren't quite as busy or spastic as the stressful portion of the holidays seem to be over. :I

On with photos, I suppose xo

As usual:
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Under the Ocean 
Candles Like Moonlight



No Man's Nest


Some other little shots we captured c:

hurr durr
I'm sure that Adam really likes to take pictures with my camera, so I usually let him have a go with it c;.

Okay, time for bed. xo

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Diary 04

I'm starting to see that getting over things can be extremely simple, as if it never happened and life went on, or it can be one of the most concentration of hurt you'll ever feel.