Tuesday, 24 January 2012

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Howdy xo

So for an introductory post, I think I'll include a little about myself, my purpose for posting, my goals and other things I have on my mind.

  My name is Courtney Breanna Elizabeth Reader. I'm from Southern Ontario, Canada and I live in the city. I love the city and I wouldn't trade city life for rural life any day. My background is technically Métis, in which, a lot of my family is French and some is Native American. So many generations have passed down, that now I just consider myself pure Canadian. I'm 15 years young and nearly some Sweet Little 16. I'm taken by my darling significant other; Adam <3. One gal I love photographing is my dearest, best friend Krista. Her along side her lovely boyfriend, Peter are pretty much my best friends c: (See photos below). I love them with all my heart and soul — To the moon and back. 

  My passion is so strongly for photography and portraiture. I have found such an intrigue in taking portraits of ladies, especially in fashion. Fashion is another interest I have; combined with photography, that is. Another feature that may be very apparent of me is that I love vintage and retro clothes, hair, makeup, photography and just about everything that fits into my nostalgia for the 1940's-1960's+. But I'm oh-so especially in admiration with the 1950's and Rockabilly, including Frank Sinatra, Bettie Page, Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield, ect. all the clichés and more.

  On that, I should mention that my idols are Bettie Page and Bunny Yeager, not including some modern day photographers+people. In short, Bettie because her natural comfort with herself and her profession is just empowering and something so warming about how happy she was doing what she did. Bunny, because she is literally both of the worlds that I've mentally attributed to love. Google either of them to figure out more about them.

  Blogging here, I'd like to use this little cove as a place to actually write more about my photos when I post them. That, and to vent (un)controllably when I need to. I feel that when using Tumblr to vent isn't a serious or controlled as is here. That I have to watch what I say on Tumblr because it would be more targeted by unwanted people. Regardless, a link to my Tumblr in on the "All Me" and a link to this blog is on my Tumblr. Also, a little exposure while also presenting my photos a little more clearly and finely will be more refreshing, hopefully.

  Okay, so if you have absolutely any questions about me, feel completely free to ask me at any time. Providing it's a somewhat appropriate question to ask, I'll try to answer to the best of my ability.

For technical info/FAQ about my camera:

I shoot with a Nikon D50 and THREE lenses:

  • a simple 18-55mm kit lens, 55-200mm 4-5.6 zoom, and a 50mm fixed 1.8
  • All the equipment I've bought was USED except for my 50mm, so YES I do recommend buying used camera equipment only from a licensed dealer, i.e: Henrys.
  • I only use Photoshop CS3 and to generalise my post-editing; I used curves and gradient overlays A LOT. In another post I will provide LINKS TO my actions sets which I created based on my post-editing techniques and such. Eventually here I will post tutorials.
  • The Photoshop I have been using wasn't bought, and if you look hard enough, it's easy to find free version that "aren't trials" /winkwink
Again, if there's anything else I left out, I'll try and answer to the best of my ability. If I did mention it roughly above with little detail, please be patient, I will get around to doing posts with more details and explanations.

For some recent photographs of me, and one of Adam xo

Myself xo

Adam xo

Peter & Krista xo

So I hope you continue to find interest in my work and read on my posts. Please, enjoy yourself and stay a while xo

Places you can find me

For my ModelMayhem, contact me through Facebook first.

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