Friday, 27 January 2012

Diary 01

Okay, I don't understand this.
My old friend had this other friend who went behind her back to date the person my old friend had such a huge crush on. She went behind her back, told her that it was SO OKAY to go and make her move on him and everything. This sounds so teenager-ish and stupid, but trust me, I'm looking at this as it's so stupid. It's really stupid. Watching bitches bitch at each other LOL. So what I don't understand I feel like ranting about is the following.

One: Why would this girl still be friends with a girl that tried to make her look like an idiot and make a move on a boy she was just about to start dating. NOT TO MENTION, this girl KNEW her "best friend" had such a crush on him, but she still made a move on him! What is going through their minds? I don't understand the grade nine girls of this time period.

Two: Why are they still dating? From my/my friend's observations, it seems they're more than likely only dating out of spite to that other friend. It might just be me hearing what I want to in my head, but seriously? They don't get close at ALL in public. I could see early in the relationship that they're not to particular of public fondness, or maybe a grade twelve dating a grade nine is just a little ashamed LOL. They also don't seem to share any fondness at ALL. But they've been "dating" and "together" for a while, you'd expect some sort of affection in sight.

Oh fucking well. Whatever reason they'd like to keep to themselves is their business, I just hope it's not out to hurt anyone. Even if it isn't, I have no regrets venting about it, because it's all bullshit. Pure fucking immature bullshit. I do have a right to sit back and watch all the bullshit unfold, too.

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