Monday, 10 August 2015

OOTD: Poolside Betty

A quick mini shoot and trip with the ever darling, Jessie Darling <3 

Jessie's fam has a trailer up north and what trailer park wouldn't be complete without the outdoor swimming pool. Got the chance to snap some cute portraits of her and some #OOTD snaps of me. Thanks again dollface ;)

<3 And now for some floral cutie <3

I adored this pool and the kitschy little patio attached. I think I'll have to make a second trip for more photos and maybe a dip :)


Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Southern Bell [OOTD]

"Tonight was made for me and you.
You can ring my bell"

When you're torn between disco and western... why choose one? I'm starting to think I need disco pants in every colour and a collection of real western shirts, fringe and all. In fact, tinsley fringe... with sequins and sparkly things you might wear to Studio 54. I should seek out a pair of cowboy boots with wheels, now that I think about it.

A little fever of inspiration to get you goin and feeling the mood xx

Monday, 27 April 2015

Peeler's Playhouse [BURLESQUE PHOTOS + GIFS]

Getting to go to Peeler's Playhouse, and generally any event Dolly Berlin produces or is a part of, is always a treat. The acts are original and the venues are a great atmosphere. I usually bring my camera, but I usually leave my photos for my Tumblog - The Burlesk Show - but I wanted to break up my recent OOTD posts with something other than my face new. I was lucky enough to be brought up on the a weekend past to Junction City Music Hall by Franny + her father. What a sweet treat for such a sour month with all this mixed weather Canada and Central Ontario has been having. 

The act lineup was as follows:

HOST Belle Jumelles
Maria Juana
Miss Mitzy Cream
Aviva the Mirage
and kitten Lorelei 


Paige La Pearl


Dolly Berlin

Maria Juana

Miss Mitzy Cream

Aviva the Mirage

Karen Juanita

Audrey Hipturn

I was going to go on a blogger-spree and recount each beautiful act in detail, and swoon about the visual beauty of each costume (really, I had a 800+ word write up that I scrapped), but I want to leave this post with you vitally curious as to the magic of the Toronto burlesque scene. In the case if you're a neophyte to burlesque, hopefully you will find some pertness in you now to wander into one of the many extraordinary shows. 

Follow my Tumblog or Facebook page for more burly-q photos and gifs! I don't get to post all my burly trips in detail to this blog since they typically have a huge collection of photos at the end.